Dorota - Marcel portrait of a BJD

Photo-interview with Marcel the BJD by finallyiamnoone (part 1)

In her childhood, Dorota used to play with dolls as much as any other girl, but when she grew up she became sentimental and decided she wanted to preserve some of her childhood memories, and she developed a big love for toys, especially miniatures. Photographing them makes her most happy, and she would love to be described as a “toy photographer”. Creating elaborate characters has never been her main goal, rather, she concentrates on conveying certain stories and feelings through her photos. She developed the following photo interview with her character, Marcel.

Dorota - marcel - BJD

Hello Marcel, could you introduce yourself? Where do you come from?

Marcel: Umm, hello, my name is Marcel, I’m around 11 years old, though I don’t know my exact age. My uncle was Lewis Hine, an american photographer famous for his child labour photos. Actually, I’m one of the boys from his photos – a working class child living in Great Depression times somewhere in United States. I’m a newsie – I sell newspapers. I also do other things to make my living. I am lucky to be able to read – other boys I know never had the opportunity to learn their A, B, C’s.

I’m quite shy and I usually have my head in the clouds, thinking about far journeys and distant lands.

Dorota - Marcel on a branch - BJD

I know you’re aware that you are a Ball Jointed Doll – can you tell us what sculpt you are? What made Dorota pick this particular sculpt?

Haha, yes, I know I’m a BJD – Dorota has always been pretty open with me about it. I am a Custom House Ange Ai Uri, and the story behind picking this particular sculpt is quite interesting: Dorota ordered another doll from that company and was offered a bonus doll. She picked Uri, but had no idea what to do with it – but once she got that “Lewis Hine’s boy” idea she almost forgot about the first doll and when we both came from Korea, she sold her pretty fast, being totally fascinated with the idea of developing my character.

Dorota - marcel - BJD

Tell us about your face-up.  What makes you look like a boy?

I didn’t want a custom face-up for myself, as Uri mold is female in default. But we knew it would make a great boy, so we decided to try. The face-up and blushing was done by a great Polish artist, Eloe, and is all I was dreaming about – a ginger head, freckled boy, maybe of Irish descent. I didn’t want a gloss on my lips, I think it’s for girls and sissies. I have lots of freckles on my back and arms as well and I like them. I have to admit my nails are a bit dirty, but that’s what you get spending so much time out on the streets.

Dorota - Marcel playing - BJD

Tell us more about your wig. Do you have recommendations on how to best style a boy wig?

Well why should I care about my wig? I think the best way to style my hair is just to let it live it’s own life. They’re all messy and I like it like that!

Dorota - Marcel the photographer - BJD

Please join us for the second part of this interview on Tuesday at 9 AM Boston time.

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