Fully Fashioned Stockings

Easy-to-make fully fashioned socks/stockings for your BJD

Dear Readers,

For a lot of us, winter has come, and so has the time for socks and stockings. I have created a simple tutorial for you to make your own. Just pick fun, colorful, stretchy fabrics, and with my simple directions,  soon enough you will have a collection of wonderful socks and stockings to match your BJD’s every outfit!


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  • Ruler
  • Pencil (not pen)
  • Paper
  • Doll
  • Pins
  • Sewing needles or sewing machine
  • Prewashed t-shirt, knit fabric, or stocking material (8×8 to make stockings, 8×4 to make socks)
  • Thread (color matches fabric)

Create the Pattern

1. Draw a straight line the approximate  length of the sock.

2. Align the top of the foot with the straight line. Then draw the outline of the bottom of the foot and heel.

3. Continue the outline. Align the shin with the straight line. Then draw the outline of the calf/leg up to the cuff.


4. Add (1/4-inch or 6mm) seam allowance to the bottom of the foot, heel, calf, and sock cuff.
Tip: If you add too much allowance, and the sock is too loose, you can tighten it by re-sewing the seam later. If the sock is too tight because there wasn’t enough seam allowance, you have to start over.


1. Cut the paper pattern out with scissors.

2. Fold your fabric in half. Align the straight line of your pattern with the fabric fold. Pin the pattern to the fabric.

3. Cut the fabric following the pattern. Do not cut along the fabric fold.

Repeat this process for the second sock.


1. Unfold the fabric and lay it flat.

2. Fold the cuff over toward the inside of the sock.

3. Then sew the cuff.  (Optional: Sew lace onto cuff.)

4. With right-sides facing, fold the sock along the top of the foot and shin (so the sock is inside out).


5. Sew the seam along the bottom of the foot and back of the leg. Don’t sew the cuff opening shut!

6. Turn the sock right side out. And VOILA!

Sewing Tips

  • Straight stitch looks better for small socks. The zig-zag stitch is more elastic and forgiving.
  • Match the type of needle with the type of fabric.


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15 thoughts on “Easy-to-make fully fashioned socks/stockings for your BJD

  1. This is a great tutorial for sewing newbies, it's very well written and the pics are great. The first thing I made for my first dolls (Pullips at that time) were socks so this bring backs memories of way back when :)

    1. Thank you. We appreciate your positive feedback. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions for anything you see on BJD magazine.

    1. Thanks, H! We try to break the more complex tutorials into a series of simpler ones like this. We would like to hear more comments about what works, and what doesn't, so we can make them better.

  2. Great instructions! Thanks so much… I did try to make them but I'm the type of non-sewer that I can't even keep a straight line on the sewing machine, LOL! So, I made tiny stiches by hand. Thanks again!

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